8th Academic Get-Together

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The 8th academic meeting of the Department of Marine Biology took place at the University campus. It was attended by 80 PhD and MSc students, postdoctoral fellows, principal investigators, research fellows and scientists. The meeting included lectures by students from different research groups and a guest lecture by Prof. Ofer Arazy, who talked about innovation & sustainability at the University of Haifa. In addition, 41 students presented their projects in two poster sessions. The winner of the Get Together logo competition was Cláudia Ferreira, whose beautiful logo decorated the mugs for the meeting. At the end of the meeting, before prizes were awarded to the three best talks and posters, we had an enjoyable unplanned dancing celebration.

Best Lecture Awards:  


 Best Poster Awards:

First Prize: Elinor Nadir


 First Prize: Alon Blachinski

Second Prize: Majed Layous


 Second Prize: Shira Givati & Yara Soussan

Third Prize: Federica Scucchia


 Third Prize: Alhan Abu Hamoud

For more details and photos, please see this link

Photo by: Shani Levy