Why study with us?​

Innovation, progress, technology, science, economics, security, environmental quality, and preservation of the marine environment… it all awaits you in the sea.

Now’s the time to join the most sought-after field of research; study for graduate degrees at the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences; and positively impact your future and the future of the State of Israel.

In recent years, the maritime domain has become one of the most fascinating and sought-after areas of research, related-industry development, government, and security.

Public discourse concerning the importance of the sea and an understanding of the complexity of the marine ecosystem has created a vital need for comprehensive, up-to-date scientific experts in the field.

The University of Haifa School of Marine Sciences is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world in Oceanography (according to the 2020 Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities).  The University of Haifa program offers a comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum that covers the entire range of topics in the marine domain.

Graduates of the school’s postgraduate programs are currently active in Israeli and global research, industries, environmental NGOs, security and government organizations, and have positions at top commercial enterprises around the world.

The current and future impact of our graduates on decisions regarding the use of the marine environment, minerals, cultural assets, surroundings, and coastal areas is enormous. This influence is based on their broad environmental, economic, and technological understanding of the overall marine space.

Come and be the most sought-after people in marine port development industries, aquaculture, energy, conservation of marine resources, security, and sustainability, impacting the world’s future.

What do we offer?

  • International-level research excellence

  • Multidisciplinary approach to marine science

  • Cost-of-living and academic excellence scholarships for those who qualify

  • Advanced equipment and infrastructure at the forefront of marine research

  • Collaborations with relevant industries on issues connected with the environment

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship and providing support to start-ups and marine innovation

  • Theoretical and practical studies, including advanced laboratory-based research alongside excursions, fieldwork, dives, and research cruises

  • International campus

  • Participation and leadership in environmental advocacy and activities