Graduate Studies

The program focuses on the study of the seabed structure and the oceanic crust beneath it, the continental shelf, marine sediments, changes in water level and coastal formations, the search for alternative energy sources, and physical and chemical oceanography.
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The program includes in-depth research in marine biology at molecular, biochemical, physiological, and ecological levels, with a multidisciplinary specialization, encompassing marine sciences, with a focus on underwater flora and fauna.
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Based on the development of unique technologies for coping with the challenges of the marine environment, the program is designed for graduates of engineering programs who wish to explore and develop innovative technologies for the marine space.
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The program provides knowledge & tools to deal with the challenges that Israel will face in the coming years, regarding the issues of resources extracted from the sea, the determination of maritime borders and their security, maintaining open trade lines to and from Israel
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Artificial Intelligence and Sea

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 A one-day conference bringing together researchers working on AI
(theory and practice) and sea (marine science and technology)
More details coming soon !!
Dbora Levi

“The push for excellence in the lab allowed me to dive deep into research topics and improve my engineering and academic skills. As a result, I published an article at CVPR, the world’s largest conference in the field of computer vision.”

Deborah Levy
Algorithm engineer at VISEAO – Marine Imaging Lab 
M.Sc., Marine Technologies Department
Amicam Bar-Gill

“My studies gave me the tools I need to be a scientist. The department’s openness to new methods and instrumentation, one of its greatest strengths, broadens your horizons and opens your mind to the use of new technologies in the marine sciences.”

Dr. Amikam Bar-Gil
Co-founder and CTO, Yemoja Ltd.
PhD, Marine Biology Department
Murad Safadi

“As a student, I felt privileged to meet marine scientists while studying and learning about leading-edge marine science. Not a day goes by when I don’t use the advanced, comprehensive methods and knowledge I acquired during my studies!”

Murad Safadi
Marine geologist at ADYR Constructions
M.Sc., Marine Geosciences Department