MA Program in Maritime Strategy
MA Program in Maritime Strategy
MA Program in Maritime Strategy
MA Program in Maritime Strategy
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MA Program in Maritime Strategy

Program Director: Prof. Ami Pedahzur 

Welcome to the exceptional Master’s degree in Political Science with specialization in  Maritime Strategy, a crucial component of the University of Haifa’s commitment to spearheading maritime studies through the Israeli Consortium for Mediterranean Studies.

As the consortium was established, the University dedicated itself to addressing the diverse scientific, technological, economic, security, and environmental challenges arising from maritime development in Israel. This specialized curriculum places a significant focus on national security, particularly within Israel’s expansive maritime domain.

Our comprehensive degree equips graduates for pivotal roles in management and strategic planning, both in public administration (government ministries, public enterprises, municipal authorities) and in private and public entities specializing in marine energy, aquaculture, sustainability, the blue economy, information collection and processing, and cutting-edge technological innovation.
Join us in navigating the future of national security and maritime strategy.

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