MA Program in Maritime Strategy
MA Program in Maritime Strategy
MA Program in Maritime Strategy
MA Program in Maritime Strategy
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Master’s Program in Maritime Strategy*

Program Director: Prof. Ami Pedahzur 

The ocean, covering more than two-thirds of the Earth, is central to the future of our planet. Climate change, the development of the blue economy, and the increase in migration from inland to the coasts have made the ocean more crucial than ever in the 21st century. 
Israel needs leaders and policymakers with in-depth knowledge of maritime affairs. 
We designed the unique curriculum for an executive master’s program in maritime strategy to train the next generation of managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in this field.

The program focuses on the following clusters:

  1. Operational Capabilities at Sea: Fundamentals of marine sciences, Mediterranean Sea system, seamanship, navigation, vessels, operation of advanced technologies at sea.
  2. Oceans in International Relations and Law: Economic waters, maritime boundaries, regional cooperation, international law, maritime security, protection of facilities and shipping routes, maritime terrorism.
  3. Blue Economy and Management: Blue economy, management of marine natural resources, energy, sustainability, marine agriculture, marine infrastructure, entrepreneurship, logistics, supply chains, information science, and artificial intelligence.

We tailored the program for executives, public office holders, and experienced employees who wish to expand their education in the maritime field. The studies will provide students with knowledge and skills for management and strategic planning positions in multiple sectors:

  1. Governmental ministries, military, police, security agencies, and local authorities.
  2. Private companies and startups.
  3. NGOs specialize in energy, marine agriculture, sustainability, the blue economy, data science, and technological innovation.

Executive Track:
The executive program spans one calendar year (three semesters) and suites working individuals.

Focus on Entrepreneurship: 
Student-focused, we emphasize empowering students for entrepreneurship, identifying problems and opportunities, and finding innovative solutions for utilizing marine resources while maintaining sustainability.

Multidisciplinary Learning: 
The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, providing students with tools and rules for strategic management and developing initiatives in the maritime field. In addition to on-campus and online classes, it offers laboratory work in small groups, research cruises, drone operation for photography and remote sensing, and professional diving.

Join us and be part of the next generation of sea leaders!

Admission Requirements: 
Holders of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized academic institution in Israel or abroad, with a score of 80 or higher.

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* MA in International Relations, specialization in Maritime Strategy