July 23, 2023

This conference aims to offer a platform for researchers and engineers to present their research works and projects in the fields of naval architecture, marine and offshore engineering, and marine technologies. In addition, this event will facilitate interactions between academia, industry, and the navy, promoting discussions on shared interests and initiating potential collaborations.

10th Haifa Conference on Marine Sciences: AI and Sea

June 20, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and the Sea: a one-day conference bringing together researchers working on AI (theory and practice) & the sea (marine science and technology). 
 Ocean data has a great deal of diversity and richness, prompting state-of-the-art AI methods to be implemented in a variety of oceanic research domains. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers, engineers, and practitioners to present their ideas, findings, and applications in the area of Artificial Intelligence and the Sea. 

9th Haifa Conference in Marine Sciences: CLIMATE / OCEAN / CHANGE

Student Organized Hybrid Event
June 19, 2022
The long-existing symbiotic relationship between the oceans and climate change has never been as important, nor as challenged, as it is today. The 9th Haifa Conference will focus on the evidence recognized for both local and global impacts.

The Annual Haifa Conference on the Mediterranean Sea Research

A series of yearly conferences on the Mediterranean Sea Research, led by the Charney School of Marine Sciences