Open Positions

MSc, PhD and PostDoc Positions:

M.Sc positions: Remote sensing of the marine environment

MSc/PhD Students Part-time position (hourly rate) growing algae cultures and testing their effect(s) in an applied environmental project

MSc. / PhD student for a research on: The dynamics of jellyfish swarms

Earth and Archaeological Science research students (M.Sc/MA/Ph.D./post-Doc) for  a study on:
unique high-resolution palaeoenvironmental and sedimentological archives throughout Israel and in Argentina

MSc. / PhD student for a research on: Heavy metal contamination along a transect down-wind from Haifa Bay

MSc student for a research on Geochemical – microbial relation in the Dead Sea sinkholes

PhD/MSc student for an ISF funded study on Heavy Metal Pollution in Marine Snow

PhD position: Spatial patterning and self organization in plankton systems

Research assistant/ Graduate student –Research on multymodal sensing using deep learning 

PhD position – submarine turbidity channels

PhD position – Seafloor fluxes and Anthropocene records

Identifying anthropogenic pollutants in the oceans using natural bacterial communities as biosensors


Study of Myxozoa infection mechanism