Department HeadProf. Smadar Ben Tabou de Leon

The vast majority of the seas have not been studied – from the coastline to the abyssal depths, from the molecular mechanisms of life within the cell to the myriad, complex and dynamic marine ecosystems.

Masters and doctoral studies in the Department of Marine Biology combine multidisciplinary courses in marine sciences, marine biology and biological oceanography with a research cruise, field work (cruises or diving), labs where students acquire experience in state-of-the-art methods, and the chance to become certified in technical scientific diving.

From its perch on top of Mt. Carmel, the University of Haifa’s Department of Marine Biology, has a clear view overlooking the Mediterranean. The oceans, which cover seventy percent of the Earth, are teeming with life and represent a treasure trove which can feed humanity and provide energy and medicines for future generations. The oceans are also changing as a result of human activity. Marine biologists must fully assume their mandate as stewards of the sea—monitoring the oceans, understanding how they are changing, and guiding citizens and decision makers to preserve our natural marine heritage.

Graduate students in the Department of Marine Biology are exposed during their studies to the biological and ecological processes of the rich and fascinating marine system – at multiple scales from microns to oceans. M.Sc. and Ph.D. students combine research on a wide variety of marine organisms and inquiries with an extensive range of obligatory and optional courses, educational cruises, research dives and lab work.

Graduate studies in the department include a period of thesis research under the supervision of one of the department’s researchers. Core studies in the department of Marine Biology take place in English. External courses may require Hebrew proficiency.

If you are eager to explore the secrets of marine life, if you have the curiosity, motivation and scientific talents, join us.
Come dive with us into the unknown!