Marine Technologies (under construction)

Marine Technologies

Unprecedented development in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel and in particular the exploration of gas reserves and associated infrastructure have drawn international attention to Israel’s economic zone in the Mediterranean, posing unprecedented challenges to the State of Israel. Intelligent and sustainable Marine development must be based on scientific and technological capabilities requiring advanced monitoring infrastructure and marine research, and developing appropriate expertise and skill.

The Department of Marine Technologies is an academic department for technological research that aims to support and develop knowledge, procedural guidelines and advanced equipment for practical research at sea, focusing specifically upon deep sea exploration, and establishing a national infrastructure for the study of the sea. The department will consist of an academic staff who combine expertise in marine engineering and physics with understanding and research in the fields of oceanographic natural sciences.

The research and equipment activity will be assisted by professional engineers and technicians to support the operation and maintenance of naval platforms and technologies and develop marine sensors. The academic and technical personnel will facilitate the use and promotion of relevant marine technologies such as innovative advanced sensors (optical, acoustic and others), communication, navigation and underwater propulsion.

The vision of the Department is to establish a center of national knowledge and infrastructure for studying the deep sea.

The department uses the facilities of the Helmsley Charitable Trust Mediterranean Sea Research Center

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