The Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geosciences academic Get-Together

After a busy year of studies, tours, cruises, and of course, research, the students and faculty of the Dr. Moses Strauss Department of Marine Geosciences gathered to present their achievements, share their experiences, and celebrate the extensive progress made along the year. 
The school’s founder, Prof. Zvi Ben Avraham and the current head of the school, Prof. Ilana Berman-Frank joined us in our celebration. They spoke about the early days of the department and enjoyed hearing the students present their research presented in colorful scientific posters.
In addition, we were delighted to welcome special guests, Roberto and Noa Strauss, the son and granddaughter of the generous donor of the department, Dr. Ernst Strauss, who named the department after his father, Dr. Moses Strauss. Their visit deeply touched us and provided an opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of the Strauss family. Roberto and Noa had the chance to meet Israeli and international students and were given explanations about the department’s latest research on plastic pollution in the deep sea, utilizing micro-paleontological and sedimentological proxies to identify climate change, and employing Big Data to investigate the marine environment.
The event concluded with a delightful dinner and a captivating thriller about tsunamis and landslides, which reminded us of the practical importance of our research.
We look forward to seeing you all next year.