School Seminar : How we make the world a better place

Giving back: Outreach activities that promote public awareness of the ocean 

  • Dr. Revital Bookman (Marine Geoscience) – Mentoring GEOTOPS for High school students.
  • Dr. Daniel Sher and Dr. Tsvia Gildor (Marine Biology) -“Sea, Society, Education and leadership” course.
  • Dr. Roee Diamant (Marine Technologies) – Tagging of marine mammals’ vocalization by high school students and a corner-show at the Haifa maritime museum.

Activities that connect scientists to the public to promote science and human well-being

  • Hadar Elyashiv (Marine Geosciences) – Once Upon a time- scientific fairy tales
  • Prof. Dror Angel (Maritime Civilizations) – – Israeli citizen science, in action.
  • Aaron Frimerman, MD (Maritime Civilizations) – YAWM medical aid delegation to treat communities in Papua New Guinea

Rewarding achievements – science that makes us proud

  • Debi Ramon (Marine Biology) – South-North Atlantic Training Transect 2019:  Science & People
  • Jeana Drake (Marine Biology) –  Fossil proteomics and an after-school bioinformatics program at a local public high school
  • Dr. Beverly N. Goodman Tchernov (Marine Geosciences) – Lost in the Halls of National Geographic: What happens when you are bad at career planning