Basin Analysis and Petrophysical Lab

Lab Leader: Dr. Nicolas Waldmann


The Basin Analysis and Petrophysical Lab (PetroLab) was officially established in 2012. Research in the PetroLab includes field and laboratory studies of both modern and ancient marine and lacustrine depositional systems. Our research aims understanding the geological processes shaping sedimentary basins, disentangling the impact of tectonics and climate in sedimentation patterns as well as tackling the mechanisms controlling the composition and architecture of basinal sediments. State-of-the-art equipment is used in both field expeditions (subsurface imaging) and laboratory analysis (petrophysical and chemical analysis of sedimentary cores). Integration of these two datasets in the PetroLab facility allows performing comprehensive studies of sedimentary basins, both at small and large spatial scales.

The PetroLab is an important emerging hub for training the next generation of scientists critical to Israel's future resource management.


Research in the PetroLab mainly include merging high-resolution seismic surveys with petrophysical properties of sediments retrieved in cores. This allows to reconstruct the subsurface architecture for a refinement of sequence stratigraphic models, seismic inversion and fluid flow pathways in hydrocarbon-prone sedimentary basins. Moreover, such integration allows to better understand sedimentary processes related to climate and tectonism in lacustrine basins worldwide. 

The petrophysical studies include as well quantitative assessment of pore shapes and sediment permeability. Experiments assess the controlling factors such as porosity, pressure, saturation and mineralogy on the sonic properties in sedimentary cores. A newly acquired GeoTek Multi Sensor Core Logger allows the measurement of the P-wave velocity,magnetic susceptibility and gamma-density of sedimentary cores.

Our sedimentological projects aim to understand how source-to-sink processes in sedimentary basins influence the spatial and temporal distribution of major and minor chemical elements, granulometry and mineralogy. The lab is furnished with a Rigaku benchtop XRD diffractometer for mineralogical analysis.

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