Dusty and Ettie Miller Fellowship 2022 Award goes to Dr. Tal Luzzatto-Knaan

The Dusty and Ettie Miller Fellowship was recently awarded to Dr. Tal Luzzatto-Knaan (Department of Marine Biology) in a festive ceremony, for her cutting-edge research in metabolomics. Luzzatto-Knaan’s Lab  explores the communication “chemistry” in algae and bacterial interactions, as well as the functional role of these molecules. She hopes that exploring the regulation, diversity and distribution of natural products in algae microbes will lead to marine based medicinal applications. In addition to her academic activities, Dr. Luzzatto-Knaan heads the emerging Interdisciplinary Center for Metabolomics and Natural Products at the University, and is a member of the “Homeward Bound” Women in STEM Leadership initiative.

*The Dusty and Ettie Miller Fellowship Award has been awarded annually since 1991 by the Miller family from the UK to outstanding researchers at the University of Haifa.