Writing of the final thesis and preparation for the master's final examination

The scope of the final thesis will not exceed 60 printed pages including diagrams and tables, but not including a bibliography and appendices. The text will be printed in accordance with the guidelines of the Graduate Studies Authority. 

The language of the paper: English. A summary in Hebrew will be attached to the thesis. The body of the thesis will usually be drafted in the following order: scientific background, purposes of the thesis, methods, results, discussion and conclusions. If the student published an article or prepared an article for publication, they may add the article as a chapter of their thesis.

Certification by the instructor/s that the written final thesis is eligible for submission is a requirement for the start of the preparations for the final examination. After obtaining the certification, the student must apply to the Graduate Studies Authority to have the thesis paper undergo a formal-technical review before it is submitted for adjudication to the department’s secretary office. The student must also apply to the school’s secretary office to obtain written certification of the completion of all their academic and administrative obligations. After obtaining the required certifications, the student will apply to the head of the department in a request to appoint the panel of examiners and to schedule a date for the final lecture and the examination. The panel of examiners will include the instructor/s and two other examiners, who will receive a copy of the written thesis. The names of the examiners will be provided to the student on the day of the examination.