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Oct 19, 2020 

Dr. Naomi Porat, Geological Survey of Israel, ISRAEL
Extended-range luminescence dating applied to Paleolithic sites in Israel.

Oct 26, 2020

Dr. Patricia Eichler, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, BRAZIL 
Environmental indicators unravel climate change consequences

Nov 2, 2020       

Prof. Guillaume St. Onge, Université du Québec à Rimouski, CANADA
The St. Lawrence Estuary and Saguenay Fjord in Eastern Canada: a natural laboratory to study marine geohazards and sedimentary processes.

Nov 9, 2020       

Prof. Martin Frank, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, GERMANY
Reconstructing Past Ocean Circulation With Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes: New Applications and Possible Limitations.

Nov 16, 2020

Dr. Elan Levy, Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry, GERMANY
Reconstructing the late Quaternary geochemical history of the Dead Sea using pore-fluid from ICDP sediment cores.

Nov 23, 2020

Dr. Antje Voelker, Centre of Marine Sciences, University of Algarve, PORTUGAL
Early to middle Pleistocene climate change at the western edge of the Mediterranean region – influences of subpolar surface waters, the Mediterranean Outflow water and the North African monsoon.

Nov 30, 2020

Dr. Juan Cruz Larrasoaña Gorosquieta, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, SPAIN
Chronostratigraphy and paleontology of Cenozoic continental strata from the Bardenas Reales area, western Ebro basin, Spain: a window into the Mid-Miocene Climate Optimum.

Dec 7, 2020

Dr. Gerald Auer, University of Graz, AUSTRIA
Plio-Pleistocene Leeuwin Current Dynamics: Tracing Tectonic and Sea-Level Driven Changes in Indian Ocean Circulation and Climate.

Dec 14, 2020

Prof. Simon Emmanuel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Fracking under the microscope.

Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Mathew Schuster, University of Strasbourg, FRANCE
The role of wind-driven hydrodynamics for the distribution of clastics in lakes.

Dec 28, 2020

Dr. Dominik Hennhoefer, Khalifa University, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
Mesozoic stratigraphy of Abu Dhabi (UAE) and paleoenvironmental controls on the deposition of organic matter.

Jan 4, 2021

Prof. Jay Silverstein, University of Tyumen , RUSSIA
The great earthwork of Tikal: When is a wall not a wall?

Jan 18, 2021

Dr. Nathalie Goodkin, American Museum of Natural History, USA
Ocean Circulation on the Maritime Continent: Are we overlooking critical drivers?

Jan 25, 2021

Dr. Yoav Avni, Geological Survey of Israel, ISRAEL