Science Research Cruise cruise2017

May – June 2017

The 2017 Charney School of Marine Science (CSMS) Research Cruise was an orchestrated event that included representative students and researchers from all of the departments of the school: Marine Biology, GeoSciences, Marine Technologies and Maritime Civilizations. Between 07 – 11 May 2017, students and researchers performed a variety of research activities on board the EcoOcean RV Mediterranean Explorer, including ROV seafloor and shipwreck surveys, sediment box core samplings and plankton net tows. During the same week, a suite of research projects focusing on seafloor sediments, benthic megafauna, shipwreck archaeology, underwater photogrammetry and seafloor microplastics were carried out by SCUBA divers in the Rosh Karmel region, led by the Maritime Workshop team at the Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies. From June 11 – 15, a joint team of students and researchers performed a number of deep-sea tasks (mainly ROV surveys and sampling, piston core sampling) from the IOLR RV Bat Galim in the Palmachim Disturbance and in the Akhziv Submarine Canyon.

Header Picture: Nathaniel Ayzik
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