The Annual Conference on the Mediterranean Sea Research - 4th Haifa 2015Conference 

The History of the Mediterranean

November 29-30, 2016

University of Haifa, Israel

The Mediterranean has been the subject of, and backdrop to, heated and sophisticated historical work since the early twentieth century. Studying the Mediterranean has enabled abstract reasoning over time-cycles, climate, regionality, and movement, to name but a few central themes. On-going discussion has been spurred recently by various attempts at  a synthetic historiographical view, such as Horden and Purcell’s The Corrupting Sea (2000), Abulafia’s The Great Sea (2011), and Broodbank’s The Making of the Middle Sea (2013). The Haifa Centre for Mediterranean History aims to draw the research community of Haifa and Israel more broadly into this generalist discourse and to make substantial contributions to it. The conference offered an opportunity to discuss the state of the field with colleagues from a variety of perspectives and disciplines


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