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Prof. Dror Angel

Dr. Dror Angel

Department: Department of Maritime Civilizations

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Prof. Dror Angel is a researcher at the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, and a senior lecturer in the departments of Marine Biology and Maritime Civilizations at the Charney School of Marine Science. He is a marine ecologist with interests in pelagic and benthic invertebrates, including gelatinous zooplankton (jellyfish), benthic macrofauna and protozoa; interactions between man and the

marine environment (e.g. impacts of marine pollution and climate change on marine communities, marine aquaculture) and in finding practical (and sustainable) solutions to problems in the marine environment (e.g. eutrophication).

CV (August, 2018, PDF Format)

Lab: The Applied Marine Biology and Ecology Research (AMBER)

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