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LeonCharneyAbout Leon Charney - The University of Haifa cherishes the work of Leon Charney

Leon Charney's Mission

I have ambitious plans for the School of Marine Sciences. I envision the School’s research endeavors serving as a catalyst for positive change in the geo-political reality of the Middle East and as a guiding light for global harnessing of the power of the sea.

Israel’s brain power is its most valuable resource and must be provided with the proper capital to maximize its potential. It is this resource, brain power, which will find the path to capitalizing on the few natural resources hidden in Israeli soil and territorial waters. The discoveries made in Israel and the Mediterranean Sea will be a beacon for researchers around the world. In a world of natural disasters, global climate changes, coastline erosions, and an inaccessibility of vital natural resources, it is necessary for Israel to take an active role.

E StraussBorn in 1928 in Heilbronn,Germany, Ernst Strauss’s family emigrated to Liechtenstein in 1937. He studied civil engineering in Switzerland and graduated with a PhD in the technical sciences. Ernst Strauss started his career in construction in Brazil and later managed a sportswear business in Switzerland and real estate investments in the US. Although he officially retired in 1998, Ernst Strauss is still involved in his family’s ventures in the US. He currently resides in Hong Kong and Zurich.
In 1985 Ernst Strauss founded the Strauss Foundation which supports many projects in Israel, and is also active in the US, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The Strauss Foundation is a partner in Haifa University’s Charney School of Marine Sciences.
Ernst Strauss married Eva Loeser from Stockholm, Sweden in 1960. They have four children who currently reside in the US, Israel, and Hong Kong.
Ernst is still involved in the projects of the Strauss Foundation. He loves his family and enjoys planning family reunions every year. He is also an avid hiker and skier.

helmsley logoThe Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust aspires to improve lives by supporting effective nonprofits in a variety of selected program areas. Since 2008, when the Trust began its active grant making, it has committed more than $1 billion to a wide range of charitable organizations.  The Trust’s grant making program in Israel supports leading institutions and initiatives that seek to strengthen the nation’s leadership in scientific, technological and medical research, its health care preparedness, and its standing in the world.

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