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Head of the Center: Prof. Rear Admiral (Ret.) Chorev Shaul

Haifa Research Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy  logoRecent discoveries of large-scale offshore gas fields have placed Israel in a significant position with respect to the global energy market. In a country already affected by global threats such as international terror, illegal immigration, piracy, smuggling of arms and drugs, these discoveries have intensified the potential for maritime tensions in the region and the need for increased security measures.


Since the nature of marine geopolitics is highly dynamic, it is only natural that the United Nation's Convention on the Law of the Sea has not kept pace with this ever-changing environment. Effectively responding to varying maritime geopolitical conditions requires a comprehensive and responsible maritime strategy, which is supported by both diplomatic action and military strength.

Maritime Policy & Strategy Research Center is dedicated to studying key strategic, geographic and legal issues of the maritime domain. This is achieved through a wide perspective encompassing security, legal aspects, diplomacy and economy and by studying their effect on the national security of the State of Israel. As the only non-military entity generating position papers in the field, The Center's research contributes to governmental decision-making while encouraging public discourse on issues of maritime and naval strategy.

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