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Dr. Gil Rilov


gil rilov

Tel.: +972-4-8565261

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Research Areas: Marine Ecology and Conservation, Community Ecology



The Rilov Lab is based at the Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research Institute (IOLR) on the coast of Haifa. Our lab studies diverse aspects of marine community ecology and conservation. The focal study systems are coastal benthic communities, mostly rocky shores and subtidal rocky reefs, but we are also involved in research on other systems and organisms.
We study the patterns and dynamics of community structure and biodiversity on rocky reefs, and the processes that shape them, including recruitment, species interactions, bioinvasions and climate change. We also investigate the impacts of overfishing (and, conversely, marine reserves) on benthic communities, and attempt to assess the ecosystem functions and services that marine systems provide along the Israeli Mediterranean and Red Sea shores.

We do our investigations by a combination of field surveys and monitoring, and field and lab experiments. In the past few years we have constructed several innovative experimental facilities to test the impacts of climate change (ocean warming and acidification) and bioinvasions on both species and communities. Our research includes several international collaborations (e.g., with the USA and Germany).

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