Cnidarians Developmental Biology and Molecular Ecology

Head of the Lab: Dr. Tamar Lotan


The Nano Injection System of Cnidaria - Intensive Course

INSTRUCTORS: Tamar Lotan Ph.D and Amit Lotan Ph.D

Once a year we offer an intensive course in the unique marine facility of IUI (http://www.iui-eilat.ac.il)


The Cnidaria, (jellyfish, coral, sea anemone, hydra), a phylum that dates 700 million years, has optimized through evolution a sophisticated nano-injection system that harnesses physical, chemical and cellular forces to generate injections at an acceleration of 5,000,000g, constituting one of the fastest events in cell biology.

The course starts with an introduction to the Cnidaria phylum. It then dives deeply into the molecular mechanism of the Cnidaria stinging system and its toxin delivery machinery. Theory turns into practice within the experimental laboratory, using diverse tools for purifying and manipulating the nano-injector system, including specific biochemical testing of its toxin's activity. The course concludes with a glance into the biotech industry.

This course is designed for students and academic staff members who are interested in exploring one of the oldest and most powerful nano-injection systems in the marine environment. 

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