Marine Geoarcheology & Micropaleontology Laboratory

Head of the Lab: Dr. Beverly Goodman

Welcome to MGM Laboratory!

Of all the zones on the planet, the coastline is perhaps one of the most dynamic and critical for understanding the interrelationships between humans and nature. The position of the coast is a moving target, but the interface between the sea and terrestrial realms is permanently significant for economic productivity, strategic security, and resource access. This is true for the past as well as the present, and given population growth estimates into the future and the propensity for expansion along the coastline, will only become more the case in time.

The aims of the marine geoarchaeology and micropaleontology laboratory (MGM) are to investigate and elucidate the complex interrelated dynamics along the coastline using tools within the earth sciences and archaeology; in particular sedimentology and micropaleontology.

Included amongst our research goals are the reconstruction of ancient coastlines, ancient harbors, identifying sedimentological signatures of rapid events (e.g. floods, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes), aquaculture impacts, climate and sea-level change.

Dr. Beverly Goodman
Marine Geoarchaeology and coastal environments
Lecturer, Lab Leader
Dr. Eli Shemesh
Molecular Biology, Phylogeny and Physiological Processes of Cnidarians
Lab Manager
Dr. Ofra Barkai
Archaology & Underwater Archaeologist
Postdoc Researcher
Dr. Nadine Hoffmann
Palaeotsunami & Natural Hazards
Postdoc Researcher
Roy Jaijel
Palaeoclimate & Geoarchaeology
Ph.D Student
Yael Braun
Paleotsunami Research
Ph.D Student
Akos Kalman
Palaeoclimate of the Red Sea
Ph.D Student
Stephane Martinez
Ph.D Student
Alysse Mathalon
Flood Sediment Processes student, Dalhouse University
Natalia Tyulevena
Palaeotsunami River Sediments
visiting Postdoc
Nairooz Oupty
 Meteorite Tsunamis
Research Assistant
Dr. Max Rubin-Blum Ph.D. Thesis: Multidisciplinary study of microbial niches at the deep benthos of Levantine basin
Nairooz Qupty, M.Sc. Thesis: Offshore and Onland Sedimentary Evidence for Tsunami Events at Palaikastros, Crete