Coral Biomineralization and Physiology

Lab Leader: Dr. Tali Mass

Lab Manager: Dr. Ricardo Almuly

My main scientific interests involve in understanding how does the coral catalyze the precipitation of biomineral? Where and when is the biomineral formed? And what is the biophysical basis for the precipitation reaction. In addition, I focus my study on how calcifying marine organisms respond physiologically and morphologically to changes in their environment and to better understand the role of algal (genus Symbiodinium) symbionts in coral (host) calcification.

The lab focuses on:

  • Basic mechanism responsible the precipitation of calcium carbonate in corals
  • How calcifying marine organisms respond physiologically and morphologically to changes in their environment
  • What is the role of algal (genus Symbiodinium) symbionts in coral (host) calcification. 

Tali Mass Ph.D
Faculty of Natural Science, Charney School of Marine Sciences, Department of Marine Biology, University of Haifa, Israel
Phone: ++972-4-8288977; Email: tmass@univ,


2006-2010 Ph.D The Department of Evolution Systematics and Ecology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Thesis: Biological and ecological effects of flow on corals (supervisor: Prof. Amatzia Genin)
2003-2005 M.Sc. The Mina & Everard Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences,
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Thesis: Photosynthesis and calcification in the Red sea coral Stylophora pistillata. (supervisors: Prof. Zvi Dubinsky, Dr. Razi Vago)
2000-2003 B.Sc. The Israeli Maritime College, Michmoret Israel.

Professional experience

2014- present Lecturer, Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences, Dept. of Marine Biology,
University of Haifa.
2010-2014 Post-doctoral fellow, Institute of Marine and Coastal Science, Rutgers University
2006 Project coordinator, EcoOcean Israel (, I developed outreach programs on marine protection for K-12 and led monitoring projects in the Mediterranean Sea, Isreal.
2003 Project coordinator, Yambateva Israel
1991-2000 Eco-tourism field guide, Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel


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