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דר' וולדמן ניקולס

Nicolas Waldmann

מחלקה: החוג למדעים גיאו-ימיים

טל' פנימי: 7036

חדר: 279

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Research Interests

I am a geologist with a background in sedimentology and seismic stratigraphy analysis. I have actively participated in several fieldwork operations in Patagonia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

My research involve deciphering geological processes occurring in both marine and lacustrine sedimentary basins. My major research interests focuses in marine geology and geolimnology with application to paleoclimate and paleotectonism. I am particularly interested in sedimentary records as indicators for environmental and climate change as well as the sedimentary architecture of the subsurface, basins environments and petroleum resources.

Lately, I have been dealing with the distribution of gas hydrates on the Norwegian continental margin. This study has lead to improve the understanding of methane dynamics in relation to seafloor stability, which is of major importance both for safe oil and gas exploitation and for evaluation of the resource potential.


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Sheffer, N., A., Enzel, Y., Waldmann, N., Grodek, T., Benito, G., 2003. Claim of largest flood on record proves false. EOS transactions, American Geophysical Union, 84:109.


Introduction to Geology

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Limnology and Limnogeology field trip to the Dead Sea

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