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החוג לציוויליזציות ימיות

פרופ' (אמריטוס) סיון דורית

תפקיד: סגל אקדמי בכירsivan dorit

מחלקה: החוג לציוויליזציות ימיות

טלפון חיצוני: 972-4-8240246

טל' פנימי: 2246

חדר: 113

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Prof. Dorit Sivan is a senior lecturer at the Department of Maritime Civilizations, at the Charney School of Marine Sciences, University of Haifa. Her research interests focus on determining historical and prehistoric sea levels and how these relate to human civilizations. She is currently studying two intimately connected subjects: a. 'Landscape Archaeology' i.e. reconstruction of the coastal environment, mainly in the Holocene, by integrating human settlement

records with

other data. b. Determination of Holocene sea levels, with emphasis on the last millennium. Dr. Sivan's research, carried out jointly with Israeli and international colleagues and graduate students, is currently funded by the Israel Science foundation and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.


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