The Hatter Department of Maritime Technologies Labs - מעבדות החוג לטכנולוגיות ימיות ע''ש האטר


Marine Imaging Lab

The lab's goal is to develop novel optical imaging systems and computer vision methods to explore the ocean and its inhabitants.

Lab Leader: Dr. Tali Treibitz

Underwater Acoustics and Navigation lab (ANL)

The Underwater Acoustics and Navigation lab (ANL), headed by Dr. Roee Diamant, is active in the fields of underwater acoustic communication networks, underwater signal detection, object classification, underwater localization, and underwater navigation. Our research interests include channel modeling, design of algorithms and protocols, analysis, and development of simulation tools. We focus on applied research and develop tools for problems like underwater mine detection, navigation without GPS, communication between divers and autonomous vehicles, classification and characterisation of marine mammals and fish, tracking the motion of marine animals, and long range acoustic communication. The facilities in the lab include equipment for sea experiments, a large acoustic chamber, and a direct access to perform measurements from the lab in a testing pool and in the Shikmona reef.

Lab Leader: Dr. Roee Diamant

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