Sdot-Yam Diving Center

Located at the shores of the ancient city of Caesarea, one of the most significant Roman empire ports, the Marine Center operates as the front base for our marine research activities. The center includes a diving center with the cuting edge technologies and field labs for our research students. The Center is located next to the marine department of the Israeli Antiques Authority in Caesaria, and supports both organizations and their collaborations in researching the Mediterranean shore line.



The Leon H.Charney School for Marine Sciences marine facility is the center of all marine and diving activities. The Diving facility runs according to international scientific diving standards. The Marine Center supports:

  • Recreational diving activity
  • Technical diving activity for all levels of training- from basic technical diving to advanced Trimix
  • Medium size boat. mainly for diving activities
  • Labs Facilities
  • Water tables
  • Computing Workstations
  • Shore Meteo station and HD Cameras 

Meteorological Station    Boat  

Underwater research tools

  • The most advanced closed-circuit rebreather: "Megalodon" (4 full systems, VR3 HD computer included)

Diving Gear

  • ROV
  • Different pumps and drenches for underwater excavations
  • Full transportation solutions: from high-speed professional underwater scooters (Hollis H-160) to a brand new research dual engine boat, prepared to serve every scientific demand.

Diving Scooter                  Diving Computer The diving facility offers the latest equipment for all needs, all new semi-dry suits, and full equipment sets for all activities: B.C's (Mares, Aqualung), regulators (Mares Abyss, Scuba Pro s555/MK25), backplates & harnesses (Dive Rite, OMS), advanced computers suitable for every activity (Vyper for recreational, VR3 HD for technical diving), other instruments for all demands and all tank volumes, including doubles and ponies.

A new compressing system supplies all gas mixes and every specific dive demand (air, nitrox, trimix). A sophisticated control panel allows the compression of gases in a partial pressure approach or the continuous flow approach.

Mr Rozen Eran is the head diving officer and operates the facility. Mr Rozen is a very experienced instructor's guide for all diving types and levels. He is also a most skilled equipment technician, in charge of a new equipment lab that keeps a strict maintenance level and is the heart and soul of the diving facility.



The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, in cooperation with the Israeli Oceanographic and Limnological Research (IOLR), is primarily a world scale leading edge research facility offering:

  • State of the art geophysical surveying and direct sampling equipment for high resolution imaging and mapping of the seafloor, the recent sediments to a depth of tens to hundreds meters below it, and the water body above. Our marine operations are mostly conducted on board the IOLR research vessels, while our shallow water surveys are operated mostly by RIMS.

- Our surveying equipment includes GeoSpark-200 Sparker system.


  • A sediment laboratory essential for marine and lacustrine sediment core analysis, constructed in cooperation with RIMS. Major analysis facilities that will soon be available in our core analysis lab are:

- Novel 210Pb radiometric dating facility applicable for environmental research. - Camera- ready petrographic and binocular microscopesa.


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