Helmsley Charitable Trust Mediterranean Sea Research Center

Helmsley Charitable Trust Mediterranean Sea Research Center The Helmsley Charitable Trust Mediterranean Sea Research Center (currently under establishment, April 2014) was established in order to drive forward the national effort regarding Marine research. Marine research is a strategically important field for Israel that has gained new interest following the gas and natural gas discoveries in recent years. The Helmsley National Center will directly oversee research priorities, financial accountability, academic partnerships, governmental and industry relationships, capital purchases, recruitment efforts and course development.


The Helmsly Research Center will be outfitted with the most modern technologies for deep and shallow sea research, will significantly increase knowledge, and will help shape Israeli policy regarding energy development in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Helmsley Center's infrastructure will be:

  • A shallow-water coastal monitoring station to ensure long-term environmental monitoring.
  • A coastal facility in IOLR (Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research) for developing and maintenance of deep-sea research technologies.
  • The Center's research efforts will be enhanced by building autonomous and remotely operated underwater research vehicles, underwater imaging and acoustic laboratories, marine engineering workshops, coastal water monitoring systems, student scholarships, and more.

The center will promote international research ties by attracting outstanding graduate students to its academic programs, strengthening ongoing scientific collaborations efforts, and forging new academic partnerships. Currently, the University works closely with the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) and with leading marine research institutes around the world including those in the United States, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, and Spain.

Professor Zvi Ben-Avraham will lead the new Helmsley Mediterranean Sea Research Center.



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