Gene Regulation in Development and Evolution

Head of the Lab: Dr. Smadar Ben Tabou deLeon


Lab Members
Dr. Smadar
Ben-Tabou de-Leon
Senior Lecturer

Developmental gene regulatory networks and their evolution
Dr. Tzvia Gildor
Lab Manager

Comparative studies of transcription expression dynamics

Miri Margolis, Ph.D. student
The regulation of sea urchin tubular spicule cord formation by VEGF signaling and cytoskeletal remodeling
Majed Layous, M.Sc. student
The mechanisms activated by hypoxic condition to regulate VEGF expression and skeletal patterning
Ligal Shternhell M.Sc. student The role of ECM metalloproteinases, Mmpl7 and Mmpl5, in sea urchin spiculogenesis


Dr. Modi Roopin
Post Doctorat
Regulation and evolution of developmental processes: VEGF-induced skeletogenesis in sea urchin embryo
Lama Khalaily, M.Sc.
VEGF and VEGFR upstream regulation

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