Department of Marine Biology



Duration of studies

Ms.C. studies: Two years.
Ph.D. Studies: Four years.


Terms of acceptance:

  1. Only graduates of a recognized institute with science degree (B.Sc.) in biology, marine science or other related science disciplines could be accepted to the department (complementary studies may be required)
  2. Department pre-requisites are knowledge level at science graduate degree in biology in the following areas: bio-chemistry, physiology, ecology, molecular biology, English, computers.
  3. Minimal weighted final grade of 85 in each one of the subjects of graduate degree.
  4. In order to be accepted, the applicant should submit C.V., aims declaration and official grade sheet, before registration.
  5. Suitable applicants will be invited for an interview.
  6. During the first semester, student will be obligated to find a potential advisor from the members of the academic staff of the department and agree on a research subject. Advisor's agreement and announcement on readiness to advise the student in his thesis is a prerequisite for continuing to the second semester.
  7. Applicants of graduate degree in other subjects, whose grades are lower than 85 but higher than 80or missing some of the prerequisite courses, could be accepted for graduate studies in the department with a status of "conditional" according to the decision of the department committee of master's degree studies, provided the student will complete the missing knowledge until the end of their first year of studies. Department committee will adjust a personal complementary study program according to student's academic background and research subject demands. Finishing the complementary studies with a minimal grade of 85 is a condition for continuing graduate studies program in the department.

Contact Us:

Mrs. Anat Overlander, Administrative assistant
Phone #: +972-4-8288794
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Department of Marine Biology, Room 283, Multipurpose Building, University of Haifa
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