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Marine Geosciences Laboratories

Please find information on our Marine Geosciences Labs here.

Applied Marine Exploration Laboratory

A modern computing facility for high end geophysical processing and interpretation. This facility comprises a networked set of work stations running a wide selection of up-to-date software tools. Several world leading geophysical software packages were generously awarded to us*:


 * The use of these software packages is bound by signed sponsorship contracts.

Lab Leader: Dr. Yizhaq Makovsky


The Sedimentology Laboratory

The research in the Sedimentology Laboratory focuses on the characterization of marine and lacustrine sediments, using grain-size analysis, petrography, mineralogy, and paleontology.

Lab Leader: Dr. Revital Bookman


Marine Geoarcheology & Micropaleontology Laboratory

The aims of the marine geoarchaeology and micropaleontology laboratory (MGM) are to investigate and elucidate the complex interrelated dynamics along the coastline using tools within the earth sciences and archaeology; in particular sedimentology and micropaleontology.

Included amongst our research goals are the reconstruction of ancient coastlines, ancient harbors, identifying sedimentological signatures of rapid events (e.g. floods, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes), aquaculture impacts, climate and sea-level change.

Lab Leader: Dr. Beverly Goodman


Basin Analysis and Petrophysical Laboratory

The Basin Analysis and Petrophysical Lab (PetroLab) was officially established in 2012. Research in the PetroLab includes field and laboratory studies of both modern and ancient marine and lacustrine depositional systems. Our research aims understanding the geological processes shaping sedimentary basins, disentangling the impact of tectonics and climate in sedimentation patterns as well as tackling the mechanisms controlling the composition and architecture of basinal sediments. State-of-the-art equipment is used in both field expeditions (subsurface imaging) and laboratory analysis (petrophysical and chemical analysis of sedimentary cores). Integration of these two datasets in the PetroLab facility allows performing comprehensive studies of sedimentary basins, both at small and large spatial scales.

Lab Leader: Dr. Nicolas Waldmann


Seismic Interpretation Laboratory

The Seismic Interpretation Laboratory (SeisLab) was officially established in 2012. The lab has a suite of 12 high-specification double-screen workstations configured for 2D and 3D seismic interpretation. Our vast seismic and well database serves projects dealing with seafloor stability, multi-scale gas and fluid related structures, seismic stratigraphy, neo-tectonics and tsunami modelling. SeisLab is supported by industrial sponsors and collaborates with a wide scope of academic institutes worldwide. 

Lab Leaders: Dr. Michael Lazar and Dr. Uri Schattner


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