Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Duration of studies:

M.A., One year.

Ph.D. studies: Three years.

Human activity and the development of the marine and coastal environments create a host of new legal and environmental challenges that the State of Israel will have to address in the coming decades.

What is the legal status of offshore natural resources? What is the impact of international law on the regulation of offshore oil and gas exploration? What role should the State play in the ethical exploitation of natural resources? What is the impact of human activity on the marine environment?

These are just some of the questions on the minds of policymakers and private energy companies. In order to answer such questions, there is a need to understand the principles governing the interplay of law, economics and science.

The unique Master’s program of the University of Haifa is precisely designed to provide students with the tools enabling them to deal with these interdisciplinary issues. The program provides first-class academic education from both Israeli and international scholars.

The program includes Maritime Law, the Law of the Sea, Domestic and International Environmental Law, Marine Strategy, and Scientific Issues in Marine Development.