Mr. Ernst Strauss

Mr. Ernst Strauss

Born in 1928 in Heilbronn,Germany, Ernst Strauss’s family emigrated to Liechtenstein in 1937. He studied civil engineering in Switzerland and graduated with a PhD in the technical sciences. Ernst Strauss started his career in construction in Brazil and later managed a sportswear business in Switzerland and real estate investments in the US. Although he officially retired in 1998, Ernst Strauss is still involved in his family’s ventures in the US. He currently resides in Hong Kong and Zurich.
In 1985 Ernst Strauss founded the Strauss Foundation which supports many projects in Israel, and is also active in the US, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The Strauss Foundation is a partner in Haifa University’s Charney School of Marine Sciences.
Ernst Strauss married Eva Loeser from Stockholm, Sweden in 1960. They have four children who currently reside in the US, Israel, and Hong Kong.
Ernst is still involved in the projects of the Strauss Foundation. He loves his family and enjoys planning family reunions every year. He is also an avid hiker and skier.

Dr. Moses Strauss

Born 1887 in Eschau, Germany, Moses Strauss studied medicine in Munich and Berlin. He served as an officer in the Imperial German Army during World War I and sustained injuries while fighting in Russia.
In 1921 he married Elsa Wolf of Baden, Switzerland. They had three children; Walter, Edith and Ernst.
Moses Strauss practiced as a family doctor in Heilbronn, Germany. He also served as president of the local orthodox Jewish congregation. Due to the rise of the Nazis, he was forced to emigrate to Liechtenstein in late 1937.
In Liechtenstein, barred by the local authorities from practicing medicine, Moses Strauss authored several books to explain common medical problems. These books were widely published and became very popular.
In 1950 Moses Strauss moved to Zurich, Switzerland. He was the first doctor in Switzerland to treat psychical and sexual dysfunctions. At that time, this field was quite controversial. Nevertheless he ran a successful practice.
Moses Strauss passed away in 1981 and is buried in Zurich.
In 2007 his detailed WW I diary served as a source for a documentary about the Battle of Verdun. A German actor played the role of Moses Strauss as a proud Jewish doctor faithfully serving his country.
Although Moses Strauss was a committed orthodox Jew, he was also tolerant and open-minded towards others; he was receptive to modern science and culture. Moses Strauss was a Zionist and passed his love of Israel on to his children and grandchildren.