Dr. Dror Angel

Dr. Dror Angel

Role: Academic Faculty

Department: Department of Maritime Civilizations

Tel - Inside Univ: 8130

Room: 5


Dr. Dror Angel is a researcher at the Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, and a senior lecturer in the departments of Marine Biology and Maritime Civilizations at the Charney School of Marine Science. He is a marine ecologist with interests in pelagic and benthic invertebrates, including gelatinous zooplankton (jellyfish), benthic macrofauna and protozoa; interactions between man and the marine environment (e.g. impacts of marine pollution and climate change on marine communities, marine aquaculture) and in finding practical (and sustainable) solutions to problems in the marine environment (e.g. eutrophication).


1983 BSc, School of Agriculture, Department of Soils and Water, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Rehovoth, Israel

1987 MSc, Biology Department, The City University of New York, New York, NY, USA

1989 PhD, Biology Department, The City University of New York, New York, NY, USA


Professional Experience

Research Grants

1990 – 1993, BARD (US-Israel Bi-National Agricultural Research Development), $300,000, PIs: Amir Neori, Michael Krom (UK), Steven Ellner (USA), Claude Boyd (USA), co-PI: Dror Angel. Subject: Use of macroalgae to solve water quality problems in intensively cultured marine fishponds.

1990 – 1992, Arava Research & Development, $60,000, PI: Dror Angel. Subject: Microbial interactions and their influence on water quality in intensively managed seawater fish ponds.

1991 – 1993, GKSS (Germany/Israel), $14,000, PIs: Peter Krost (Germany), Dror Angel, Dieter Schnack (Germany). Subject: Environmental effects of net cage fish farming in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba)

1991 – 1994, GKSS (Germany/Israel), $225,000, PIs: Nehemia Sar, Dror Angel, Alfred Puhler (Germany). Subject: Halophila stipulacea: a nitrogen-fixing seagrass and potential source of fish food.

1991 – 1993, Israeli Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, $9,000, PIs: Dror Angel, Amir Neori. Subject: The use of unicellular plankton as biological indicators of pollution in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba).

1993 – 1994, Arava Research & Development Fund, $30,000, PI: Dror Angel. Subject: Water quality and microbial dynamics in an integrated seawater fish ponds system.

1993 – 1994, Israeli Ministry of Environmental Quality, $8,000, PIs: Colin Porter, Dror Angel, Noam Mozes. Subject: The use of seaweeds to improve the environment around an intensive fish cage farm in the northern Gulf of Elat (Aqaba)

1995 - 1998, AVICENNE (Commission of the European Communities), $315,000, PIs: Dror Angel, Harald Rosenthal (Germany), Myroula Hadjichristophorou (Cyprus). Subject: Modelling benthic disturbance and recovery in warm water mariculture

1995 – 1998, BMBF (Germany/Israel), $294,000, PIs: Dror Angel, Barak Herut, Nurit Kress, Ulrich Fiedler, Dieter Adelung. Subject: Examining the use of hydrogen peroxide production rates as a tracer of anthropogenic pollution in coastal marine waters of the Mediterranean, Red and Baltic Seas.

1999 - 2001, Israeli Ministry of the Environment, $36,000, PIs: Ehud Spanier and Dror Angel. Subject: Examining the potential of artificial reefs to reduce organic enrichment caused by commercial marine net cage fish farming in the Gulf of Aqaba.

2000 – 2003, European Union, 2,100,000€, PIs: Kenny Black (U.K.), Martin Sayer (U.K.), Dror Angel, Ehud Spanier (Israel), Alenka Malej (Slovenia), Ioannis Karakassis (Crete), Helen Pickering (U.K.), Ken Collins (U.K.), Sonja Lojen (Slovenia). Subject: BIOFiltration and Aquaculture (BIOFAQs): an evaluation of hard substrate deployment performance within mariculture developments

2001 – 2002, MIT Sea Grant and WHOI Sea Grant, $15,000, PI: Dror Angel. Subject: Examining the diversity of nitrifying bacteria in recirculating aquaculture systems.

2003 – 2005, CICEET and UNH, NOAA, USA, $232,642, PI's: Hauke Kite-Powell, Dror Angel, Heidi Clark, Porter Hoagland, Di Jin. Subject: Mitigating the effects of excess nutrients in coastal waters through bivalve aquaculture and harvesting.

2004 – 2006, National Sea Grant College Program, NOAA, USA, $142,083, PI's: Daniel Cheney, Dror Angel, Ralph Elston, Jonathan Davis, Robin Downey, Carter Newell, John Richardson, Robert Rheault, Tessa Getchis. Subject: National Marine Aquaculture Initiative: Environmental and technical assessment of alternative shellfish production methods

2004 – 2007, European Union, 2,486,250€, PIs: Kenny Black (UK), Bill Silvert (Portugal), David Whitmarsh (UK), Paul Tett (UK), Teresa Fernandes (UK), Alenka Malej (Slovenia), Valentina Turk (Slovenia), Helmut Thetmeyer (Germany), Reinhold Fieler (Norway), Dror Angel, Ioannis Karakassis (Greece), Antony Hawkins (UK), Joao Ferriera (Portugal), Alice Newton (Portugal), Salvatore Porello (Italy), Paolo Tomassetti (Italy), Alain Bodoy (France), Angel Borja (Spain), Roberto Pastres (Italy), Tarzan Legovic (Croatia), Anders Stigebrandt (Sweden) Carina Erlandsson (Sweden). Subject: ECASA: Ecosystem Approach for Sustainable Aquaculture

2006 – 2010, European Union, 10,000,000€, PIs: Tom Hopkins (Italy), Dror Angel and 50 other partner institutes from 23 EU member and associated member states. Subject: SPICOSA: Science and policy integration for coastal ecosystem assessment

2006 – 2009, European Union, 899,671€, PIs: Vincenzo Zonno (Italy), Dror Angel and 25 other partners from the EU and associated states and India (INCO). Subject: AquAgris: Environmental management reform for sustainable farming, fisheries and aquaculture

2006 – 2009, Chilean Economic Development Agency, 600,400€, PIs: Francisco Cárcamo (Chile), Dror Angel, Carlos Hernández (Chile), Alejandro Chávez (Chile), Mario Maldonado (Chile), Luis Klaassen (Chile), Héctor Novoa (Chile). Subject: Development of knowledge and procedures for remediation of ecosystems affected by mariculture

2007 – 2010, NATO Science for Peace, – 270,000€, PIs: Peter Krost (Germany), Mohammad Badran (Jordan), Dror Angel. Subject: Societal security and environmental impacts concerning mariculture in the Red Sea

2008 – 2011, The German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF), 185,750€, PIs: Eran Vigoda-Gadot (Israel), Dror Angel, Horst Sterr (Germany), Peter Krost (Germany). Subject: Socio-political aspects of marine aquaculture: A comparative study of policymaking in Germany and Israel

2008 – 2010, ERA-NET/CIRCLE-MED(EU), 135,000€, PIs: Gianluca Sara (Italy), Dror Angel, Branko Glamuzina (Croatia). Subject: The impact of climate change on Mediterranean intertidal communities: losses in coastal ecosystem integrity and services

2009 – 2012, European Union; 309,600€, PIs: Maeve Kelly (UK), Yannis Kotzamanis (Greece), Céline Rebours (Norway), Dror Angel, Hui Liu (China), Philip Heath (New Zealand), Silas S.O. Hung (USA) Subject: An international research consortium for promoting and developing integrated multi-trophic aquaculture

2011 – 2014, European Union; 12,999,000€, PIs: Evangelos Papathanassiou (Greece), Dror Angel and 53 other partner institutes from EU member and associated member states. Subject: PERSEUS - Identification and impact assessment of natural and human-induced pressures on the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

2012 – 2016, European Union; 5,900,000€, PIs: Kenny Black (PI) and 15 partner institutes (co-PIs) from EU member and associated member states. Subject: IDREEM - Increasing industrial resource efficiency in European mariculture.



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2005 – present, Marine & Coastal Pollution, B.A. & M.A. students

2005 – present, Climate Change Effects on Marine Communities, B.A. & M.A. students

2007 - Introduction to Environmental Sciences, B.A. students

2007 - Lecture Coastal Management, B.A. & M.A. students