Prof. Dorit Sivan

Prof. Dorit Sivan

Personal Details

Permanent Home Address: Haklaim St. 4, Kefar Bialik, 27905, Israel

Home Telephone Number: 972-4-8713879

Office Telephone Number: 972-4-8240246

Cellular Phone: 972-054-8196192

Fax Number: 972-4-8240493

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Higher Education

1973 – BA in Physical Geography and Jewish History, University of Haifa.

1982 – MA in the Department of Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa.

1995 – Ph.D in the Institute of Earth Sciences, Department of Geology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Research Interests

Over the last two decades I have focused on gaining professional experience, mainly in two intimately connected subjects:

a. The reconstruction of the coastal environment, mainly in the Holocene, recently designated also as 'Landscape Archaeology' due to the integration of human settlement records.

b. Indications of sea-levels over the last 10,000 years, with the emphasis on the last 2-3 millennia and the last 1,000 years. Lately I have also been working again on the MIS5.5 sea-levels at the Galilee coast.



Ph.D Disertation:

Sivan, D., 1996. “Paleogeography of the Galilee Coastal Plain during the Quaternary”. Monograph of the Geological Survey, Israel, GSI/18/96. Geological Survey of Israel, Jerusalem, 214 pp. (In Hebrew, English abstract).

Articles in Refereed Journals


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Articles or Chapters in Scientific Peer Review Books (which are not Conference Proceedings)


1. Sivan, D. 1986. “Paleo-shorelines in the Akko Area in the Holocene”. In: Antiquities of the Western Galilee (M.Yedaaya, ed.), Israel Defence Ministry: 113-123 (In Hebrew)

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Accepted for Publication

1. Cohen-Seffere, R., Sivan, D., Greenbaum, N., Almogi-Labin, A., Rossenfeld, A., Mienis, H.K. (in press). The Holocene Carmel coast wetland landscape. InThe Ancient Dam on Nahal Tanninim, the Excavations at the Nahal Tanninim Dam and the Adjacent Area, Chapter 4: Porath, Y., 'Ad, U., Said, A. (eds.). Monograph series of the Israel Antiquity Authority (IAA).

2. Sivan, D. and Greenbaum, N. Middle -Late Quaternary wetlands along the coastal plain of Israel - an archive of environmental proxies. In: Y. Enzel and O. Bar-Yosef, (eds), Quaternary of the Levant, Cambridge University press. Invited chapter.



Main courses taught in recent years:

Global sea-levels and the history of deglaciation: Seminars in Hebrew and in English

Quaternary dating methods

Quaternary environmental changes along the Israeli coast and their affinity to human settlement

Late Quaternary climates changes